For decades, the government and organizations have been talking about increased financial literacy for students. Well they need talk no more, the solution is finally here - an animated video education program that is extremely easy to understand. As important as academics are to make a career, money management is a crucial real life skill.

We are big believers at Valista in a holistic education. A taste of everything is important - the arts, languages, math, sports, science, you never know where your students could find their passion and move the world forward in a field. But once you guide them on the path to finding their career, the one class that they will use for the rest of their life without a doubt, is Money Management.

Can you imagine a 14 year old working their summer job, opening an RRSP and investing $2,000 into their RRSP into stocks or mutual funds? Do you know what you just did? You just performed a miracle! And that is what this program can achieve.

Can you imagine having your home down-payment ready at 22 years old? And while we may not be able to go back and start over, we at Valista always say look at the bright side and make the best of what is to come, We can ensure that students and children have the best opportunity going forward. Children are our future, after all.

Get this program now and teach it in your learning institution now, play the videos, answer the questionnaires and then rewind the video, pause it and discuss different scenarios and other real world examples in class. You even receive cool badges based on your progress. This is going to be fantastic and thank you very much for doing what you do and being an educator!