Family is the most important thing in the world. But money and financial security has definitely got to be in your Top 5. Educating yourself, and your family, about money management will ensure a secure future for your loved ones. Our program is roughly 6 hours in length, that’s only “3 family movies” and yet much more impactful on your future (but family movies are awesome aren’t they!). So how about this, after every half hour of Valista Education, you do questionnaires to test your knowledge and discuss as a family.

Then watch a fantastic Disney movie after, and if it’s Mulan please invite us, we want to see it again!

The family that Valista’s together stays together, and has a better financial future. As a parent, you could be in the position of paying big time later if you don’t instill good habits now. Get your kids ( and your spouse … lol ) to start saving and investing now.

While this program will be used with young people, trust me, it is also of great value to the parents. Many people do not know much of what is being taught here, given the lack of financial literacy in adults. How about you go through the basics in the FREE demo chapter with the kids and then watch the Advanced concepts with your spouse, it will make for great couple bonding time as well.

And trust us, what’s in between the basics and the advanced concepts, will gradually move you and your kids along to attain a full understanding of everything in this program. This will help you get ahead financially and become richer by watching our detailed but simple and funny program. We take pride in our work, how easy it is to understand and know you and your family will enjoy it!!!