Employees and human capital are a companies greatest asset. Financially healthy employees are stable employees. Managers may not always show it but they care deeply about their employees/ friends/colleagues and their overall well-being.

Many companies send their employees on countless professional development and training opportunities. You can educate an employee in Spanish, French, Public speaking, Computer skills; but what about Financial literacy!

We’re not talking about someone coming in to sell products with a boring presentation. We’re talking about “UNBIASED & FUN” financial education that is on-demand for your employees and they can even choose a topic depending on their skill level. A program that is both interesting and entertaining, will make your employees want to learn more and give them a very deep understanding of personal finances. For e.g. , a large percentage of Canadians do not properly understand a RRSP or a TFSA, but now your employees will be able to take action towards the best choice for their situation.

A primary stressor for employees is always money, which can lead to health issues and poor productivity. Don’t let employees be distracted by financial issues at home. Instead proactively involve them in money management now, so that they can be more productive at work.

If you provide a workplace pension take a look at the sample video to the left to see the value of this program. Finally invest in your employees, by investing in a program that teaches them to how to invest (that’s a triple investment for the price of one…lol). Being a leader/employer isn’t always easy but thank you for creating jobs and growing the economy!